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Ellipsus is a collaborative writing tool
for the futureof storytelling.

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How it works

Create a document

Get those great ideas down on (digital) paper. Write, revise, share, finalize—all in one simple-to-navigate space.

Make a draft

Iterate on your idea with drafts. Create as many as you need—they'll stay linked to your document. Changes to each draft are automatically saved, so you'll never lose an important idea.

Share with others

Get feedback or write together! Working with multiple collaborators is as easy as sharing a link.

Collect feedback

Invite collaborators to create their own drafts based on your document. Don’t worry—you’ll have full control over which edits make it into the final product. 

Compare versions

Review drafts side by side to see what’s changed.

Merge (it's magic!)

When you’re ready to incorporate changes, merge them to your main document.


Success! Your document has been polished to perfection. Now you can export it and publish to your platform of choice.

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01Version control

Be fearless with your writing.

With drafts, incorporating edits is as simple as clicking a button.

Review your edit history, compare versions, and merge changes—on your own or with collaborators.


Write with anyone, anywhere.

Work on your document with multiple authors. Discuss specific edits with chat and comments. Keep track of feedback and changes using drafts.

03Security and privacy

In this brave new world,
your work is safe with us.

As writers, we understand the importance of protecting your work against data loss, excessive tracking, and AI crawlers.

Ellipsus ensures that your content is secure, so you can write without fear.

04Share and export

Tell a great story

Ellipsus makes it simple to share your work. Share your document as a link or export it in a variety of formats, like PDF, EPUB, and more.

Use cases

Write solo ...

The hero's journey

Streamline your writing process, keep your drafts together, create with courage. With Ellipsus, you can stay organized and focus on your work.

... or with an editor.

Connect and collaborate.

Edit together, manage feedback with a clean, intuitive interface, and merge drafts to incorporate changes.

Great for workshops.

Strength in numbers.

Ellipsus simplifies feedback—no matter how many writers are in the mix. Share a link to your document, then merge workshopped drafts to create your final version.

Co-authoring, finally!

Create culture together

Drafts let multiple authors work on their own edits—minus the drama. Compare drafts, merge changes, and watch your ideas come together.

About us

We’re writers and nerds. And we love writing tools. But we’ve never found The Right One that worked for how we work—together.

So, with backgrounds in product, writing, and community building, we decided to merge our passions and create a tool that could transform creative connection—and might just change how stories are told.

Today we are a small, close-knit team of six, located across the post-capitalist landscapes of Berlin, Bologna, and Buenos Aires. True to our mission, we're a progressive, remote-friendly company that prioritizes creativity, community, and creative exchange.

{01}For writers, by writers.

Writers first. Always. We believe that the written word is modern society’s most important creation—that stories are the medium that transforms culture.

Quill pen

is community.

Writing isn’t a solitary pursuit; stories aren’t generated in a vacuum. Our mission is to provide the means for writers to tap into their creativity and create culture together.

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{03}Art belongs to the artist.

We believe that ideas are meant to be shared, not stolen. We reject plagiarism in all forms, be it human or machine. The stories we tell should be personal, vibrant, authentic, and inventive — not committee-driven corporate IP.

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{04}Every voice counts.

We're inspired by writers finding their voice. Everyone deserves to be heard, and work from authors of diverse backgrounds and identities is essential to building a vibrant creative culture.

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{05}Change the narrative.

We are an LGBT+ founded company and strongly support the work of marginalized creators.